Lite Festival

The Lite Festival is a single location projection mapped art installation at the west side of the Magere Brug in Amsterdam. The art is projected evenings during the winter weekends and is unaffiliated with the Amsterdam Light Festival, which coincidentally also happens during the winter. You can also enjoy the art in your browser, which is written in p5js and uses p5.projection to align with the door frames. Want to see your own art here? Send a pull request to


Trammell Hudson


Holly Hudson


Andy Wallace

orange crosses in the window

Matt Pinner

sparkles and explosions

Andy Wallace


Trammell Hudson


Andy Wallace


Sophi Kravits

Metro Boogie Woogie

Esther & Pepijn

Whales in Space

Jenny & Pepijn

Alice in the Matrix

Pepijn & Esther

Fractal trees

Trammell Hudson


Trammell Hudson

Glowing Seven Segment Clock

Trammell Hudson